The Vendors You Choose May Literally Be A Matter Of Life And Death

Surgery NewLet’s say that you buy an expensive new shirt (look at you, splurging on yourself!) The first time you take it out for a night on the town, a seam rips down the side. Great! Now you have to sit through dinner with your left arm at your side like some weird robot. Not your best night out. Obviously, the ripped seam is a big bummer, but in the larger view of things, this little inconvenience just causes a few ripples.

If something goes wrong in a medical device that keeps patients alive or a big piece of manufacturing equipment right in the middle of a job, we’re not talking about a few ripples.  The repercussions will come in tidal wave-like proportions of misery. You do not want pacemakers to malfunction, wires to fray, or a battery in a car to overheat and catch fire. Even a teeny, tiny mistake in the manufacturing process can have very big consequences, not just to your company’s reputation, but to the lives your customers!

Almost any product can be dangerous if it malfunctions. A poorly designed crib can attract mold. A poor car design can cause fires during collisions. A medical testing kit can cause emotional harm if it reports false positives or doesn’t catch disease as intended.

If you use a variety of vendors to plan, create, and assemble your product, you are potentially putting the lives of your customers in the hands of your vendors. This is a great amount of responsibility. Can your vendor handle it?

If you are still planning your first product or have a new product in the works, the vendors you choose to bring it to life will have a huge impact on the future of your business. You absolutely must choose vendors who are qualified to provide the services you need and who have a track record of flawless performance, including strong internal quality checks. Every bolt and screw that comes off of their conveyor belt needs to be perfect. Every employee who assembles your product needs to be fully trained, well-supervised and qualified for their position.

It is tempting – especially if you’re itching to get production started and products on shelves – to choose the first smooth-talking vendor you find (hint: most of them have refined the art of the smooth sale). Many other clients I come across chose their vendor based on who put in the lowest bid. Keeping cost of goods low is an important part of pulling in a profit, but cost should never be the primary factor in awarding a bid to a vendor. You absolutely must choose a  vendor who can make the parts to spec and produce finished products without any errors.

Searching for a great vendor can be tough. You could have to fly all over the country (or the world!) to look at factories or meet with product development teams. It could take months of time you don’t have as you work furiously to get your product to market or to keep product moving if you’ve had an issue with a current vendor.

This is exactly why I do what I do. I am here to connect you to the highest quality vendors in the country. I have already done all of the quality checks, filtered out the less than stellar vendors, and built relationships with companies I would literally trust with my life.

If you don’t want to go through the time-consuming, frustrating, and confusing vendor search alone, let me be your conduit. I can take all of that extra work off your plate and make sure you get exactly what you need – a well-built product or part delivered on time, every time!

When your customers’ lives are on the line, nothing but the best vendors will suffice! Contact me today at (925) 516-2082 for a free consultation.

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