3D Printed Rapid Prototypes

Hold Your Ideas In Your Hands


Cideas3D Printing For Prototypes

Putting ideas down on paper just isn’t the same as holding a physical prototype in your hand. 3D printing allows you to turn your ideas into a physical reality, so you can truly see how your potential product or part will look and function.

3D Printing For Marketing

Additionally, 3D printing can be used to create unique and memorable promotional items that will help you connect with your potential customers. Be creative, be different, stand out! 3D printing allows you to create something branded to your company, product, or event theme, whether that be special bobble head dolls, fun toys, or silly figurines. These pieces can be printed in mass quantities and for a low cost you won’t believe

3D Printing For Parts

Our 3D printers can compose objects in variety of materials, making the printing possibilities almost limitless. If you’ve been making parts by hand or searching for a manufacturer to produce a steady supply of exact, high-quality parts, a 3D printer may be your ideal solution. Our 3D printers can create gaskets, pads, tires, buttons and even simulate leather and skin!

Source Point Associates works with C-Ideas, a premiere 3D printer, to deliver the prototypes, promotional items, and parts your company needs to succeed.

Our 3D Printing Capabilities Include:

  • Rigid Plastic Parts
  • Rapid Elastomers
  • Rapid Digital Manufacturing
  • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
  • Polyjet Printing
  • MJM
  • Stereo Lithography (SLA) and Urethane Casting
  • Selective Laser Sintering
  • Printing Materials

Rigid Plastic Parts

Rapid Prototypes For Your Next Great Idea

When brainstorming a new product, every detail matters. 3D printing can be of great assistance by allowing you to see a physical representation of your product or part. Let Source Point Associates help you with your next great idea. We can convert your 3D CAD model into a rapid prototype using thermoplastics, acrylics, urethanes, and epoxy photopolymers.

With a prototype in your hands, you can more easily evaluate the conceptual design, functionality, fit and form of your product. Rapid prototypes also make great visuals for presentations to management teams, investors, or distributors.

The ease and speed of generating prototypes can also allow you to work through maturing configurations of your design until you perfect it, leading to more rapid time to market. In a competitive environment, this speed and efficiency is vital to hitting the shelves.

The Perfect Promotional Items

3D printing can also be a great source of unique promotional items. At a busy tradeshow or in a competitive environment, your company absolutely must stand out. The normal pens, bookmarks, and buttons just won’t do! 3D printing allows you to create a promotional item that you can’t buy off a shelf or order in a catalogue. These are completely new promo items that spring from your imagination and help you make a big impression when you hand them out. Almost anything you can think of can be printed, including figurines, toys, basic devices, foldable paper constructions, and more!

Give Source Point Associates a call to start brainstorming for your next big event or promotional push.

Rapid Elastomers

If your company needs a steady supply of parts to manufacture your product, rapid elastomers can be a great option. This 3D printing solution can create an incredible variety of parts, including gaskets, bumpers, tires, pads, and buttons, just to name a few.

The benefits of elastomer 3D printing is its rapid turnaround of parts and the quality of its products. When we finalize the part specifications, our printer can begin creating parts the moment you put in a new order. Each part will be an exact replica, providing consistency in every batch.

We also offer a proprietary “GT” soaking process, which creates Polyjet Tango elastomer parts.

Give Source Point Associates a call to discuss how to get started using elastomer 3D printing for your parts.

Rapid Digital Manufacturing

You need a high volume of parts, prototypes, or promo items and need them delivered yesterday! We’ve all been here. When your turnaround window is short (or practically closed), Rapid Digital Manufacturing (RDM) is a good 3D printing solution for you.

RDM allows you to print a large quantity of items, as needed, and even provides you with the ability to change the design during the production process. If you use a different 3D printing method, changes could lead to expensive and time-consuming tooling changes. Not with RDM.

This printing method is a great option for the creation of items like sculptures, field trials, thermoforming molds, jibs, and CNC machining. Lead times for this type of printing start as low as one day.

You can also use RDM for urethane casting works, clear parts, and silicone parts, though lead times will increase. If you need 200 or more parts, injection molding is probably the best option, though lead times could increase up to four to six weeks.

Contact Source Points Associates to determine whether RDM is the right solution for you.

Fused Deposition Modeling

The most popular 3D printing and prototyping process is Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). This extrusion-based 3D modeling process utilizes actual thermoplastic and is ideal for creating conceptual models that possess durability, great thermal properties, and RF-friendly characteristics.

The FDM process can create parts in two resolutions, Standard (.010-inch layer slice), or High-Resolution (.007-inch layer slice). The overall strength, aesthetics, and features you want for your part will help us determine the best resolution for your project.

Contact Source Point Associates to discuss Fused Deposition Modeling.

Polyjet 3D Printing

Competition can be brutal. When you want high quality, cost effective parts that can be created and shipped to your facility in a jiffy, Polyjet 3D printing is your ticket. This 3D printing process offers speed, quality, and great resolution at a price you can afford.

The polyjet process can print at a layer setting as high as .0006 inches, providing smooth, incredibly detailed parts. This printing process is ideal for models with smooth contour surfaces where attention to detail is important. Most of our jobs can be turned around and shipped within 24 hours of your order!

We offer six different materials to choose from along with three Tango elastomers, which are also available with our propriety GT soaking process.

Contact Source Point Associates to learn how polyjet 3D printing can help you save money and shorten your parts lead time without sacrificing quality.


The MJM 3D printing process is a great solution if you need to print complex wireframe models, extremely small assemblies, or features that cannot typically be printed using other standard 3D printing techniques. This unique process prints in a royal blue acrylic and uses wax as a supporting material. The wax support system can be used to print complex wireframes and assemblies. The wax melts out during the process, leaving just the completed, complex structure

MJM 3D printing uses a very high resolution layer slice, and its material contains less than .010% ash content, which makes this process ideal for printing precious metals.

MJM is limited to a small buildable area and may leave a small amount of wax residue on support structures. It may not be the best solution in all circumstances, especially when polyjet printing is a viable option.

Contact Source Point Associates to learn more about this specialized 3D printing process.

Stereo Lithography (SLA) and Urethane Casting

If you want to create parts, prototypes, or promotional items with a smooth production surface, then consider stereo lithography (SLA) 3D printing. This process is most commonly used for creating urethane casting patterns, see-through promos, and other clear objects. It commonly uses a .004-inch layer slice.

SLA produces smooth surfaces that can be ideal for painting or even creating show models. This process works well in creating large parts, with a smooth, sanded surface.

Contact Source Point Associates to learn more about SLA 3D printing.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is a 3D printing process that works best for creating actual nylon or glass filled nylon parts. The benefits of the SLS process include its ability to produce pieces quickly, and the impressive strength and thermal resistance of its pieces. SLS is often used for DDM, and it’s not uncommon to find SLS-printed parts in a vehicle’s engine pay for testing.

During the SLS process, excess powder is shaken or blown off the final piece. Completed parts can be used “as is” or processed with sealant. Each part can also be dyed for a most custom outcome.

Contact Source Point Associates to learn more about the Selective Laser Sintering 3D printing process.

Materials Used in 3D Printing

3D printing continues to advance rapidly, offering business owners unprecedented options when it comes to parts creation. Below is the current list of materials we can incorporate into the 3D printing of your part, prototype, or promotional item. Contact Source Point Associates to learn more about our material options.

3D Printing Materials

  • ABS/F1
  • ABS
  • ABS/F1
  • ABS/PC Blend
  • Polycarbonate
  • FullCure 720
  • VeroWhite
  • VeroBlack
  • VeroBlue
  • VeroGray
  • Durus
  • Tango Elastomers
  • Accura 60
  • Accura 25
  • Accura Xtreme
  • Somos 9420
  • Somos 11122
  • Somos 18420
  • Somos DMX
  • Somos NanoTool
  • DuraForm GF Nylon
  • DuraForm PA Nylon
  • DuraForm EX
  • Windform XT