Product Printing and Labeling

Personalize Your Products


Flow-EzeAdding your company’s name and logo to your products is an important way for your customers to connect your company to the items they know and use on a regular basis. You may also want to add additional labeling to your product to clarify its use or help limit your liability.

Source Point Associates can give your products the perfect finishing touch no matter the challenges they present. Our partner, Flow-Eze has been providing pad printing, hot stamping, screen printing, and more for over 60 years!

We can add a beautiful logo, company name, or other information on your product, regardless of its shape, size, material, or quantity. We can also handle light assembly work, saving you even more time and money. Our trained team of workers is dedicated to completing your job, and we can often turn around a project in less than a week to meet even the most aggressive of deadlines.

360 Catheter & Tube Printing

Labeling small, round items like a test tube or catheters can be a challenge. At Source Point Associates, our printing partner excels in printing the entire circumference of round objects. These labels are clear and easy to read, which is especially important in a medical environment.

Print your company name, a product ID number, or a specific label on any type of round object. This service is useful to research facilities, hospitals, and companies in the medical and scientific industries.

Pad Printing Services

Pad printing is a great option for printing your company name, logo, instructions, product codes, or warnings on 3-dimensional objects. It can be used to print on a variety of shapes, surfaces, and textures. Whether you need to label sports equipment, medical devices, promotional pieces, electronics, toys, or pretty much anything else, pad printing can deliver a crisp, clear label. Depending on the product’s size, we can even print in multiple colors

Single Color Pad Printing

For simple jobs, we offer single color pad printing, with an option for ink-well or hermetically closed ink printing.

Multi-Color Pad Printing

We can print on small or medium-sized objects using up to four colors. We may only be able to print two colors on smaller objects.

Large Imprints, High Speed

We can provide pad printing services even for large labeling needs. Our vendor owns one of the largest pad printing press in the country, which is capable of imprints 150 mm – 5 inches in diameter. We can print in up to five colors at high speeds, saving you time and money on large jobs.

Contact Source Point Associates for more information on pad printing.

Screen Printing

3D Screen Printing

When you read the term ‘screen printing’, you may think of screen printing t-shirts or corporate jackets. In fact, screen printing can be used on a variety of things, including three-dimensional items. We can screen print your company name, logo, product number, or warning on your products or promo items.

Flat Screen Printing

Flat screen printing allows us to print on flat items like signs, machine parts, and EVA foam.

Cylindrical Screen Printing

Do you want to see your company logo on buckets, bottles, cups, or other cylindrical objects? We can use our 5-color printer to print clear, crisp images and words on your round objects.

High Speed, High Volume Printing

If you have a large quantity of cylindrical or oval objects that require labels, our high speed, high volume screen printing service is the right option for you. We can print in one to four colors at speeds of almost 7,000 parts per hour. With speed and precision we can handle even large orders on a tight deadline.

Contact Source Point Associates for more information about 3D screen printing services.

Hot Stamping

Hot stamping can provide a golden, silver, or shiny metallic imprint to your product or packaging. It has a very beautiful and classy effect, lending your product or product label a touch of elegance. This type of printing service works best on paper, vinyl, leather, and plastic.

We can provide hot stamp imprinting using up to one ton of pressure to create imprints 5 to 6 inches in size.


Debossing is another elegant labeling option that draws the eye and provides a reserved branding impression. The process of debossing uses heat, pressure, and time to sink your logo or image into the surface of the material. This process works best on leather, paper, and other textile goods.

Debossing can be a great way to brand promotional items, like leather folios, notebooks, and pads of paper.

Contact Source Point Associates to learn more about debossing.

Assembly and Other Services

The more vendors you use, the more time and cost you add to your project. That’s why we also offer light assembly as well as other support services for your large projects. Many times, screen printing, pad printing, debossing, and hot stamping come at the end of a project. All that’s left is to put the final package together. If you don’t have time or manpower to do this in-house, don’t waste extra time and money using a separate vendor. Source Point Associates can take this last chore off your hands. This is an excellent option if you need to assemble promotional bags to give out at events or shows, assemble press kits, or put together other types of marketing kits.

Our additional services include:

  • Light assembly: brochures, basic products or promo pieces, etc…
  • Kitting: You supply the pieces, we put them together
  • Polybagging: We can imprint the bag and then add all of your items
  • Heat-Shrink Sealing: We shrink wrap your items to protect them during travel
  • Labeling: We can add mailing labels, warning labels, or instruction labels to your items
  • Art Design: Allow our in-house graphic design professionals to help you develop your imprint concept. We can also modify existing artwork to fit new product parameters.

Contact Source Point Associates to learn more about our assembly service options.

Fixture Design & Machining

Depending on the size of your product, we can create an adjustable fixture to allow for a more efficient production process. We have even been known to create special tooling for massive jobs. This flexibility helps us cut waste and speed up projects so that we can offer fast turnaround that will help you meet your deadlines!