Medical Device Engineering, Design, and Development


InginioIf you’ve got an idea for the next breakthrough medical device, you don’t have to struggle to turn your vision into a reality on your own! Too many genius inventors or savvy businessmen and businesswomen fail to get their product to market because they simply don’t have all the tools, finances and support they need.

Source Point Associates can help you every step of the way as you move from brainstorm to design to prototyping and product creation.  We can serve as your engineering staff, your testing department, your parts manufacturer, and more. Our partner, Ingenio, has worked with companies of all sizes to bring medical devices to market, from individual inventors and small startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Let us help you design and develop a device prototype to impress investors or create a functioning device so you can outpace your competition and reap the rewards of your great idea.

Our Medical Device Services:

  • Fast-Track Product Development
  • Research & Development
  • Industrial Design & Product Concepts
  • Injection Molded Product Design
  • Complex Surfacing & Ergonomic Part Design
  • Mechanical Engineering & Component
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Custom Process & Manufacturing Equipment
  • Manufacturing Assembly Tooling & Fixture Design
  • Design & Documentation to FDA cGMP &ISO 13485 Compliance

Source Point Associates – Medical Device Capabilities

Source Point Associates, through our partners at Ingenio, can provide engineering, design, development, and manufacturing assistance for the following:

Medical and Surgical Devices

  • Cardiovascular catheters and handles
  • Ophthalmic surgical instruments
  • Orthopedic surgical instruments
  • Minimally invasive surgical instruments
  • Trocar and cannula systems
  • High volume injection molded disposables

Medical Equipment

  • Portable and handheld monitors
  • Handheld diagnostic instruments
  • Endoscope and camera systems

Drug Delivery Systems

  • Aerosol drug delivery, dry powder and liquid
  • Implant and bioerodible polymers
  • Solid dosage oral drug products
  • Controlled release drugs

Process Equipment

  • Liquid mixing and filling machines
  • Automated dispensing robots
  • Micro extrusion machines

Manufacturing Equipment

  • Semi-automated assembly equipment
  • Assembly tooling and fixtures

If you don’t see your category of product listed on this page, please contact Source Point Associates to discuss your project in further detail.