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6 Ways to Acquire New Customers via Social Media.

The Customer Experience Series is supported by Webtrends. Get insider tips and a step-by-step guide to acquiring, engaging and nurturing fans. Download the Playbook. We all know social media is an important tool for brand awareness and customer acquisition — but how exactly are you supposed to convert random Twitter and Facebook users into real-life […]

A Brand’s Guide to True Social Engagement

By Greg Kihlström We all know that it’s not the number of social media fans you have, but the relationship you have with them that is important. While we need to hit a critical mass of fans to justify a large marketing expenditure on social media, the research shows that the benefits of an active […]

A Recipe for Positive Thinking and Greater Well-being

by Joe Wilner The idea of positive thinking has been thrown around for many decades as the source of wealth, health, and happiness. From Norman Vincent Peale’s classic book The Power of Positive Thinking, to Al Fraken’s satiric self-help character Stuart Smally on Saturday Night Live, reminding us to affirm that, “I’m good enough, smart enough, and doggone […]

Six Ways To Build Customer Trust And Confidence

by Tom Egelhoff One of the major challenges for new businesses is business building. As your business grows you are constantly dealing with and building relationships with new customers. In surveys I’ve seen, the biggest reason customers cite as the reason they shop where they do is because they felt a “trust and confidence” in […]

Your Positive Attitude And Approach To Your Work Is Necessary To Have Good Start

Author: robertlasanki16 Positiveness is very much important factor to start a new day with new hope and new resolution. So the good start of the day can make the job half done at the beginning. Weplan for our day after waking up at the morning. So the start can be good if we have some healthy and tasty coffee […]

The most important sale is selling yourself on yourself!

  By Bill Fields All Star Coaching Are you off and running pursuing your goals and objectives for March? In my role as personal coach I have had the opportunity to observe many top producers, actually spending entire days with them while they worked. I have also tagged along with quite a few underachievers. I […]

Brands must develop relationships with customers

by Ben Hatton BRANDS hoping to increase online sales need to develop customer relationship management (CRM) systems if they are to succeed. According to a report by the Direct Marketing Association, the number of brands responding to consumer enquiries is extremely low – only 35% acknowledge consumers’ emails and only 29% collect information to improve marketing […]