Staying Positive: If you keep saying you can’t, you probably won’t

By Beth Braccio Hering Let’s face it: Staying positive isn’t always easy. From job seekers frustrated by rejections to workers dealing with everything from long hours to crabby co-workers, many people are finding it hard to put on a happy face. Yet the ability to see the good side of things can be one of […]

Would you like to stay on your Customers AVL?

Making the Cut A globalized market and cost-conscious OEMs are forcing vendors to find innovative ways of remaining on their customers’ shrinking list of preferred suppliers or Approved Vendors List. Michael Barbella Managing Editor Much of the Western Hemisphere was sound asleep when the sea floor began to tremble, then shift as it slipped beneath […]

A Different Way to Ask for referrals

by PAUL CASTAIN on MARCH 8, 2011 Perhaps the lowest hanging of the low hanging fruit is the referral and yet we don’t ask for them nearly enough! I’m sure there are a variety of reasons for this ranging from “feeling funny asking the dude/dudette” to not having a good way to ask. Today, we […]

3 Ways To Be More Compelling!

by PAUL CASTAIN on MARCH 2, 2011 Whether a client says it to your face, behind your back or simply thinks it, your offering is subject to . . . How is this better? What’s the difference between this and your competitor’s offering? What’s the difference between this and simply doing nothing? And perhaps even […]

10 Better Ways To Build Rapport!

by PAUL CASTAIN on JANUARY 19, 2011 A sales trainer walks into a room of sales reps and asks them how they build rapport and guess how they respond? “I generally look around my prospect’s office to see what they are interested in and make conversation based on what I see” You saw that one […]

The Last Christmas “Gift” Paul Castain

The Last Christmas “Gift” by PAUL CASTAIN on DECEMBER 22, 2010 Tucked away in a safe place within the walls of my heart, is a vision of my Father, Christmas Eve some 23 years ago. I can vividly see the look upon his face because it was a look that transcended all expression. It was […]

* The #1 Hiring Mistake In Sales…

Over the years, I’ve learned an extremely valuable lesson that has served me well in my recruiting efforts as a sales management professional. Specifically, as a sales leader, I’ve personally been part of the hiring process for over 200 sales and sales management professionals throughout my 22 year career. Therefore, I know about which I […]

What Would Batman Do?

Gotham City just had a major layoff. Batman is now unemployed and actively looking for his next gig. Superman and Spiderman got their pink slip a week earlier. Because Batman is an “out of the box” thinker he knows that he needs to try something different in order to find employment during these extraordinary times. […]

Get the Ball Rolling: 30 Open Ended Questions

Open-endedquestions are one of the most important tools for those who sell (as long asyou listen). They help you gather information,qualify sales opportunities, and establish rapport, trust and credibility. If you consideryourself a professional, own (absolutely know) a repertoire of powerfulopen-ended questions… questions that are answered by more than a simple yes orno… questions where […]

Acing the Job Interview

Acing The Job Interview! Our world has grown increasingly competitive. While our ultimate destination might be a new job our first challenge is becoming more memorable! Having interviewed over 1,000 professionals and spearheading the Sales DNA program at Consolidated Graphics, I have truly seen it all. I’ve also been the dude on the other side […]